LUCA E I SUOI FANTASTICI AMICI - The band I play in...Old school PunkHardcore from Genoa, Italy

DISTEMPER - Great Hardcore Punk band from our city

ESALAZIONE - Yet Another great outfit from Genoa

RAUCHERS - Old Scool Hardcore/Powerviolence Special Kids from Desenzano(Brescia)

SLAUGHTER IN THE VATICAN - Tanichetta Thrashcore from La Spezia

KALASHNIOV COLLECTIVE - Romantic punx from Milano, a grat example of D.i.y. done right!

C.S.A. TERRA DI NESSUNO - Our Headquarters! Great place to play shows in Genoa, active since '96

C.S.A. PINELLI - Squat In Genoa, active since the early 2000s

L.S.O.A. BURIDDA - Squatted social laboratory, ex-university building in Genoa, active since 2003
sign petition against closing!

C.S.A. ZAPATA - Squat in Genoa, active since the early 90s

C.S.O.A. R.D.A. MAY DAY - Squat in La Spezia

TEESTUBE, SINGEN - Cool place for d.i.y. shows in Singen[GER]

CIMURRO D.i.y. - D.i.y. Distro run by Distemper

SEPOLTI VIVI - D.i.y. Distro Run by Esalazione

ANNOYING RECORDS - D.i.y.l from Trento

HANGED MAN RECORDS - D.i.y. label from Messina

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS RECORDS - D.i.y. label from Magenta(Milan)

EPIDEMIC RECORDS - D.i.y. label from Brescia

DICKHEAD RECORDS -  D.i.y. label from Firenze

PATTADA RECORDS - D.i.y. label from Torino

DISTROZIONE - D.i.y. label from Torino

BITTEN BY THE REST RECORDS - D.i.y. label from Tuscany

SONATINE AUTOPRODUZIONI - D.i.y. Label from Ancona

SONIC REDUCER - Online Archive of Italian D.i.y. material

FOR THE KIDS - Cool blog with a ton of good intervews to new and old bands

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