Lant.Prt.53 - CGB - CD - Schegge
Yet another CGB record. New lineup and new songs, along with some reinterpreted classics!

Lant.Prt.52 - VA - 7" - 4 Fulmini
4-Way featuring 4 bolts of hardcore punk from all over Italy!
Features: 5MDR(Savona), Loscos' Brigade(Lecce), Shameless(Cosenza), Zona D' Ombra(Como)

Lant.Prt. 51 - Stalker - LP - Vertebre
Comeback by the band born out of the remnants of KAFA. 4 awesome new songs on beautyful vynil with screenprinted cover!

Lant.Prt. 50 - VA - LP + 2CD - Non Un Sasso Indietro Vol.II
Second Volume Of the massive benefit Sampler Project. Featuring tons of great bands from all over Italy on one LP and 2 CDs. Against Barriers and borders!

Lant.Prt.49 - Contrasto - LP - Splitico Personale
New great LP by passionate political hardcore combo from Cesena. Great music, lyrics and artwork!

Lant.Prt.48 - Nèuvegramme - CD - Self Titled
New ligurian collective. Screamo hardcore punk sung in italian with introspective lyrics and a lot of different voices!

Lant.Prt.47 - Losers Parade - LP - Out of Bounds
Second LP album of stoner flavoured  hardcore punk from the ligurian riviera.

Lant.Prt.46 – Labile/Minoranza Di Uno – 7” – Mentre Intorno Tutto Brucia
Great italian hardcore punk with really personal and intimate lyrics. The kind you all know and love! Berghem vs. FREEuli

Lant.Prt.45 – Effementi – CD – Sottosopra

Great underground hardcore rap from the outskirts of Genoa.

Lant.Prt.44 - Y.E.S.  - 7" - EP I
8 dirty and snotty slaps of lo-fi garagepunkhardcore from Leipzig Germany 

Lant.Prtt.43 - Nido Di Vespe - LP Carne
New relentless bullets of grinding fast thrashcore straight from Lucca, Italy
Lant.Prt.42 - Thee Loyal Wankers - 7" - SWAMP!
Second release by a catchy garage punk band from Rovereto. Featuring members and ex members of Attrito and St1ven S1gal  

Lant.Prt.41 - LEISFA - CD - Liturgie di fallimenti e sconfitte
Second full length album by Genova Hardcore punk outfit.

Lant.Prt.40 - Affranti/Fuco - LP - La Paura Più Grande/Addicted Split
Comeback of long time Savona emotional veterans Affranti. Split record with Fuco, a post rock band from Foglizzo featuring memebers of Bellicosi 

Lant.Prt.39 - A Fora De Arrastu - LP - Split
Split record between two great bands. from Sardinia and Torino(but still from Sardinia)

Lant.Prt.38 - Gli Altri - LP - Prati, ombre, Monoliti
New album by excellent postrock/hardcore band from Savona. For fans of Affranti, Letormenta ecc...
featuring members of 5MDR 

Lant.Prt.37 - Rauchers/Cospirazione - 7" - Distruggere Ogni Muro(Benefit Split)
 Split between Desenzano del Garda hardcore/Powerviolence veterans and Milano old school hardcore outfit

Lant.Prt.36 - Davide Raimondo(CGB) - Book - CGB: ...Sarà Che Siamo Inquieti...Una Storia Punkhardcore
Davide looks back at his 15 years in the long running Imperia Hardcore Combo. Contains pics from the Davide CGB-era and ending notes by friends of the hardcore family.

Lant.Prt.35 - Karcavejia - CD - L’Inverno Su Marte
5 years after "L Essere e il credere" Karcavejia finally releases a new record.
6 songs plus a cover of dark-wave titans Diaframma for an album less hardcore-oriented and more into introspective lyrics and melodies

Lant.Prt.34 - Eversione - CD - Un Istante Di Fervore
Debut CD by San Remo/Imperia hardcore outfit, born from the ashes of Dedication. Strong italian melodic old school hardcore at it's finest

Lant.Prt.33 - Tumulto - LP - Riflesso Incondizionato 
New album by Forli/Bologna Prolet Punx. a miture between italian hardcore and Metal-ish rock à la Poison Idea

Lant.Prt.32 - Vento D'Ottobre - CD - Avete Più Paura Voi
Debut album by a new great hardcore outfit from Perugia. 10 songs expertly merging old and new school sounds.
Featuring ex-members of Ingegno and Lucida Follia

Lant.Prt.31 - Gerk - LP - Ultimatum
New album by furious latinocore cand from Mendoza, Argentina. 20 new raging fast songs

Lant.Prt.30 - Delicatessen/Punx666 - RAgazzo In Vendita N.1
First Issue of this comic series by drawn by Antonio Proietto and written by Paolo Merenda

Lant.Prt.29 - Nofu - LP - Mitociclicità
Awesome Old school hardcore from Rome. Screenprinted cover and 12" with awesome graphics by their guitarist, Claudio(Black Horse Tattoo). Icludes a cover version of "Qualcosa scompare by Negazione

Lant.Prt.28 - Zona D' Ombra - CD - Guerra All' Apatia
Debut Album by hardcore punk outfit from Como, Italy. 9 tracks of great italian hardcore with a metal touch. For fans of Ingegno, Sottopressione, Grandine ecc...  

Lant.Prt.27 - Luca E I Suoi Fantastici Amici/ESSERE - LP+Fanzine - Split+Loser Times No.2
Split between L.e.i.s.f.a. from Genoa and ESSERE from Milano. Two different musical approaches to the same thing...d.i.y. hardcore punk. Comes bundled with the second issue of Loser Times Fanzine(74 pages A5 format, black and white)

Lant.Prt.26 - Contrasto/Kalashnikov Collective - 10" - Come Il Soffitto Di Una Chiesa Bombardata
Split EP between two of the longest running collectives in the italian D.i.y. Community.
Contrasto from Cesena/Emilia and Kalashnikov from Milan 

Lant.Prt.25 - Losers Parade - CD - We All Lost Out
Debut Album of the new band featuring members from Downright, Kafka, Stalker, As Bullets
And Shit. A mix between My War-period Black Flag, Fu Manchu and RKL

Lant.Prt.24 - Alldways/Minoranza Di Uno - CD - D.i.y. Makes You Free
Split CD between teo great punk bands from Torino and Udine. For fans of Frammenti and early Arsenico

Lant.Prt.23 – V.A. – LP+CD – Non Un Sasso Indietro
No.Tav benefit Sampler Compilation featuring many Italian bands. Lyrics and a No-Tav Movement action chronology included

Lant.Prt.22 - Majak - CD - Scavengers
Great debut of local post-hc outfit, rising from the ashes of Effetto Larsen. For fans of Converge and Vibratacore

Lant.Prt.21 - RFT - CD - Resistere
New mini-album by one of the longest running active Hardcore bands in Italy. Still screaming from Milano since 1999. Italian Old school Hardcore in the veins of bands like Negazione with heavily distorted guitars and many Metal and NYHC influences.

Lant.Prt.20 - V.A. - CD - Hardcore Non Si Comanda Vol.3
Third Chapter of this exellent benefit sampler featuring many cool bands and unreleased stuff

Lant.Prt.19 - 5MDR - CD - La Prospettiva Del Conflitto
Second album of the Savona Oi-core combo. 9 new songs with italian lyrics. For fans of Colonna Infame Skinhead, Nabat, Bull Brigade

Lant.Prt.18 - Distemper Hardcore - 12" - Sed Non Satiata
Follow-up LP to the debut album "Dritto Nel Nulla" by one of the most active hardcore combos in Genoa

Lant.Prt.17 - Attrito/Lyon Estates - 7" - Split
 Benefit 7" for the arrested of the G8 in Genoa in 2001, 3 tracks for each band: Side A contains songs by Attrito(old school hardcore from Trento, Italy) and Side B contains three new tracks by Lyon Estates(old school hardcore from Bologna, Italy)

Lant.Prt.16 - Congegno - 12" - Metamorfosi
Follow up to "Esiste Cura" EP by the trento Hardcore outfit. Straight forward and pissed as hell, this time with more melodc influences
Lant.Prt.15 - Hobophobic - CD - Portami Lontano Da Qui
Latest CD by Crispiano(Southern italy) Hardcore Legend. Melodic, yet heavy and very technical with great lyrics

Lant.Prt.14 - Luca E I Suoi Fantastici Amici - CD+Fanzine - Che L'Inse?+Loser Times No.1
Debut CD of the Genoa Hardcore outfit with members from Boxing Dogs & NONE. Bundled with the first Issue of Loser Times Fanzine. 8 Tracks of pissed off Italian hardcore punk for fans of CGB, Sottopressione, K.Y.I.

Lant.Prt.13 – V.A. – Hardcore Non Si Comanda Vol.2
Second Volume of the benefit sampler with renewed lineup of bands and many unreleased tracks

Lant.Prt.12 - CGB - CD - L'Un Per Cento
Long awaited new album by Imperia Hardcore Legends, active since 1987! fast and straight forward old school hardcore with very poetic and introspective italian lyrics

Lant.Prt.11 - Deep Throat - 12" - Hardcore Is Suffering
New Album by this great Alessandria Hardcore band. This time with less thrashy soun, in favour of a more "Youth Crew" and melodic touch

Lant.Prt.10 - Peggio Emilia - CD - Anticittadino
Second album of the most underrated Italian punk rock bands. Intelligent italian lyrics and a very good D.i.y. recording

Lant.Prt.09 - Guacamaya - CD - Il Sangue E La Polvere
Third album by the Magenta combat punkers after "Fino All'Ultimo Bandito"

Lant.Prt.08 - Attrito - CD/10" - Triste Opera Itinerante
Follow up Ep to "Indotto A Camminare" by one of the most active italian hardcore punk bands. This time with a more polished sound

Lant.Prt.07 - V.A. - CD - Hardcore Non Si Comanda Vol.1
Benefit Sampler for Cassa Antirepressione Delle Alpi Occidentali. Some previously unreleased tracks by bands like Gavroche, Bull Brigade, RFT...

Lant.Prt.06 - Distemper - CD - Dritto Nel Nulla
Debut Album by the Genoa Hardcore outfit. Influenced by new school bands like Kafka, Never Was ecc...

Lant.Prt.05 - V.A. - CD - Alda Teodorani: 15 Desideri
Concept Compilation with spoken word underlined by instrumental tracks and well illustrated booklet with translations

Lant.Prt.04 - Gavroche - CD - Spettatori Della Distruzione
A catchy mixture of the Oi! classics from Torino and American Melodic Hardcore bands like Good Riddance, K.Y.I. ecc...Benefit for Radio Black Out

Lant.Prt.03 - Guacamaya - CD - Fino All'Ultimo Bandito(Repress)
Reprint of the second EP by Magenta(Milan) combat punk outfit. Political lyrics and some folk rock influences mixed in for good measure

Lant.Prt.02 - DYS - CD - Senza Via Di Scampo
Second album of the streetpunk combo from Rome, Italy with many crust influences

Lant.Prt.01 - Boxing Dogs/NONE - CD - Sp(l)it In Your Face
Split CD between two punk bands form Genoa, Italy. Boxing Dogs play a mixture of punk and rock'n'roll and NONE play skacore, 5 tracks each.

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