ITA: Etichetta e distro 100% Do it yourself da Genoa

ENG: 100% Do it youself label and distro from Genoa, Italy

GER: 100% Do it yourself Label und Distro aus Genua, Italien

giovedì 10 gennaio 2013

UPDATE - January 10th 2013 - Supplemento...

ITA: Confermato anche l'appuntamento al Trust Your Instincts! Never Say I'm Sorry Fest. Eccovi il volantino

Abbiamo inoltre pensato che fosse il caso scrivere due righe sulle inziatve benefit in generale, indirizzate sopratutto a coloro che magari non si sono mai fatti granchè del nostro discorso "musicale". Visto come si sta evolvendo la situazione generale intorno a noi avvertiamo un bisogno sempre più grande di spiegare i nostri progetti non solo a colpi di tupa tupa

ENG: Here's the flyer for Trust Your Instincts! Never Say I'm Sorry Fest. We also thought it would be nice writing some lines about the upcoming benefit gigs, also directed to those who never syphatized with us on the "musical side of things". As the situation around us is evolving we feel the need to explain our projects not only through the noise...
The text is primarily about the importance of giving support to those who ended up in jail only for expressing a reaction for the alienating reality that is daily being build up around them and about how different situations creating awareness about such reoccuring themes should be supported regardless on if you like the music or not!.

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